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About us

Tconnex Hans-Jörg Häderli was founded in early 1997 as a sole proprietorship with the office in Bischofszell Thurgau.

The field of activity comprises the following areas:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Development, Distribution and Support of 'Tconnex Terminal Emulation'
  • Systemtools Development under DOS, Windows and Un*x with the best and newest tools, for example Delphi
  • Providing, Installing, Configuring and Implementing Hardware components, especially Servers, Workstations and Network Components.
  • Networking of smaller companies with up to 50 workstations
  • Installation, configuration, development and Suport of Databases with Pick Systems Advanced Pick or D3 Revisions for NT, Linux, Unix, Solaris
    (By request we also evaluate other MDBMS Systems like mvBase, Mentor/Pro or jBase, and others )

To meet the requirements our projects are based on stable Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, Solaris and others

With our long experience in IT business, Tconnex is able to provide competency, reliability and complete satisfaction to the customer,s satisfaction

Note: Due to my employment with a big Computer Company, services delivered by Tconnex are limited. Please ask for specific services

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